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               10 Universities/Colleges - no more, no less

               For the UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong +

               Unique to You


               Realistic but also Aspirational

               Not based on one algorithm but on:


  • What you tell us about yourself and your aspirations.

  • 20 years of experience and expertise.

  • Intuition and Judgement from guiding 100s of students like you.

  • Knowledge from a worldwide network of professional contacts.

  • Research for you from the best resources available.

HK$2,000 only

Delivered within 2 weeks

How do I order?

Fill in the Shortlist Questionnaire here: 


Order and Pay here:


For more detail, click these links to see our FAQs and Terms and Conditions

To see what a Shortlist looks like go here:  

For an exa


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