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'Shortlist' Terms and Conditions


In purchasing the 'Shortlist' offered by Campion Education Consultancy Limited (hereafter referred to as CAMPION), the buyer agrees to the following terms and conditions:


Nature of Services


·      All Shortlists will be designed in person by the Founder and Senior Advisor, Martin Campion. 


·     Each Shortlist will be designed and customised for an individual student identified by the             buyer as his/her son or daughter. Students ordering the Shortlist independently must verify their         own identity.


·      Any purchase of a Shortlist by any party other than those specified above is prohibited.


·      The buyer accepts that the Shortlist purchased is a stand-alone product that does not include         any further guidance or counselling by CAMPION.  Such further services may be requested but             will involve additional cost.


Payment, Cancellation and Refund


·      The buyer will purchase their Shortlist through the UNIque website online shop, using his/her       preferred payment method.


·      On receipt of said purchase and of a completed Shortlist Questionnaire, CAMPION will produce a Shortlist' to send to the buyer by email within 14 days.  


·      The buyer, student and family understand and accept that CAMPION will, in good faith, endeavour to provide the best and most appropriate Shortlist for the student but does not and cannot                     guarantee any specific outcomes in terms of college admission, scholarship application or                   otherwise.


Approval of Shortlist Purchase


·      CAMPION reserves the right to turn down applications to purchase the Shortlist where                       CAMPION decides that it is inappropriate, beyond the scope of its expertise or lacking in                         supporting detail.  The buyer agrees to any decision in this regard without condition and will                 receive a full refund within 14 working days.

.      Where demand is high, CAMPION may give the buyer the option of a delayed delivery. Acceptance of such an offer is entirely the buyer's prerogative.



·      CAMPION reserves the right to amend these conditions as may be necessary with adjustments in   the services offered. In such cases, CAMPION will inform clients who are likely to be affected.

Governing Law


·      These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of the   Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.  All parties agree to           submit to the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Courts.

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