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What Exactly is UNIque?


It’s a self-help alternative to hiring an Independent Education Consultant.

It’s an e manual; a toolkit; a DIY program, if you will, to guide the college-bound student through parental encouragement and support.


Did UNIque come about because of the Covid-19 crisis?


No. It’s been in development for about a year prior to Covid-19. Having said that, it does harness some of the skills and methods that both parents and students acquired through

having to adapt to the lockdown.


Why is it aimed at Parents and not Students?


The answer is that it is aimed at students but via parents. The whole idea behind UNIque is that it harnesses parental concern and interest in a way that actually empowers the student and that ultimately gives them real ownership of the process.  The Plan Outline clearly indicates how the process is both collaborative but also increasingly student-centred. Think of it as teaching your child to ride a bike: you support them and then let them go.


Can I buy UNIque in advance for a younger child?


Yes, you can; but to ensure that the guidance is right up to date when you need it, we will just send you the Plan Outline for the time being and then the detailed content when your son or daughter enters Year 11/Grade 10 or equivalent, after asking you for any updates to the questionnaire.

We don’t recommend that you buy a UNIque Plan for a child under 13.



What if we need extra help?


UNIque is designed to be both accessible and easy to use, without requiring prior knowledge or expertise: a self-sufficient one-stop shop, if you will.  We understand that some parents may feel that the student may benefit from additional guidance and, in this case, you should use the contact form on this website. We’ll get back to you on how this can be offered and it will involve some additional cost.



Why is there a limited release/supply of UNIque Plans?


Because they are personalised and, for the moment, are all designed and put together by founder, Martin Campion himself. To do this to the required quality, only 4-5 plans per month can be produced and delivered, depending on his other client commitments.

Does UNIque replace the help that the school provides?

Absolutely not! 

UNIque is designed to complement, not replace, higher education guidance provided by the school.  In fact, one of its strengths is that it is designed by Martin Campion who has decades of experience as a teacher, Head of Guidance and as a parent of college-bound teenagers.  Moreover, the school is indispensable, particularly at the application stage and every UNIque Plan includes an important section on “How to Make the Most of your School”.

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