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'Shortlist' FAQs


Why is Campion Education/UNIque offering this service?

(isn't it contrary to their principles?)


Partly due to demand.

Many students and families will ask for such a list, as the final high school year and the application process approaches. A shortlist from us is a quick fix but it isn't 'owned' by the student.

We still believe that Research is key.  'Shortlist' is intended to flip the script on the usual research process by providing a stimulus in the form of 10 very good suggestions, that students will then begin to look at in more detail (I can't tell you how many times I've caught final year students 'researching' universities they've already applied to).

We guarantee that everyone who receives a Shortlist from us will question at least some of the suggestions. That's great, because it will inevitably lead to the "What about x?" question and stimulate some good research of other options, in addition to those suggested. We would be disappointed if students and families simply took our Shortlist as it was, without thought of scrutiny and amendment. 

Yes, we'd rather you order a UNIque Plan or perhaps a full 1:1 Program with Campion, but we know from experience that this won't always be the case.

What age of student is this aimed at?

Students usually need to develop a shortlist of this sort by the end of their penultimate (junior) year at school and then finalise it by the application stage in the first term/semester of the final year.  The challenge with developing one prior to the penultimate year is calculating the student's likely final grades (and subjects) and any changes in the student's intended degree/major (or even destination). However, IGCSE, SAT/ACT results and GPA can help in the respect of calculating likely overall performance and we are prepared to consider orders from those in Y11/G10, particularly where it serves to stimulate further research.

Why isn't the Shortlist in rank order?

The 'choices' will be listed in an approximate order of selectivity.  It doesn't follow that the harder it is to get in, the better it is.  Order of preference must be for the student to decide and is often the result of the further research referred to above. 



What makes this Shortlist better than one produced by algorithm alone?

In short, because you're human.

Most such algorithms, such as those on your school's online platform, just consider basic criteria such as course, entry requirements and location. You're worth more than that and the best choices you'll make in life won't always be coldly rational.  We can give you the benefit of decades of guidance experience, hundreds of campus visits, the valued opinions of colleagues worldwide on both sides of the admissions process and the intuition that comes with all that. 

Many of you will find 'hidden gems' that you've not even heard of in your list of 10.


How good is this Shortlist?


It's as good as the details that you can give us in the initial Shortlist Questionnaire.  If we think that the Questionnaire is seriously lacking or we want clarification on a particular point, we will be in touch within a day or so.

The other answer is that it's as good as what you make of it, when you receive it. If your response is a 'passive' one, you'll get relatively little. If, as we expect, it stimulates you to research these options and others, then it's a 'win win', as they say.



What if we need extra help?


We understand that some students and parents may feel that the student may benefit from additional guidance and, in this case, you should use the contact form/details on this website. We’ll get back to you on how this can be offered and it will involve some additional cost.



Why is there a limited release/supply of Shortlists?


Because they are personalised and, for the moment, are all designed and put together by founder, Martin Campion himself. To do this to the required quality, only 4-5 Shortlists per week can be produced and delivered, depending on his other client commitments.

Does the Shortlist replace the help that the school provides?

Absolutely not! 

Shortlist is designed to complement, not replace, higher education guidance provided by the school.  In fact, one of its strengths is that it is designed by Martin Campion who has decades of experience as a teacher, Head of Guidance and as a parent of college-bound teenagers.  

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