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UNIque Extra

UNIque Extra

SKU: 364115376135191

For each Additional Destination (excl. USA), Oxbridge or Medicine.


    If you wish to add Application for an Additional Country (excluding the USA), Oxbridge or Medicine, you need UNIque Extra. This can only be purchased in combination with UNique USA or UNIque UK +.       (Medicine also covers Dentistry and Veterinary Science)

    Additional countries include Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, as well as UK.  For others, please check by email beforehand.

  • Questionnaire

    Please fill this in and submit on the same day as purchase.

  • Terms of Purchase

    In purchasing this product, you agree to use this product only within the family of the student identified in the UNIque Questionnaire; not to copy any part of it; and to abide by the other Terms and Conditions shown herein.

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